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Head Graphene Xt Zephyr Padel Performance Racket - Black / Grey / Pink

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Normalna cena: 691,55 zł

Special Price 524,32 zł

The women's Zephyr model continues to be the model of elegance, harmony and a perfect combination of colors.

  • With a design as spectacular as this one, who can resist?
  • Weighing just 345 grams, it's one of our lightest models. Plus, its round shape facilitates perfect control.
  • The frame features GrapheneXT for greater power and soft power foam rubber for increasing the sweet spot, maximizing your game.
  • The famous Zephyr racquet will be the center of attention thanks to its technical and feminine design.
Model Rok XT Zephyr
Z / bez smyczki Head
Maksymalna strun Graphene XT
Namiar 726424494408
Koła 345 g
Łączność Czarny, Różowy, Szary
Trzon Padel
Kształt główki 430 cm2
Kod kreskowy 265mm
Ilość biegów Zaawansowane
Wagi Kobiety
Francuski Rozmiar 38 mm

Informacje dodatkowe


  • Graphenext: Faster Racquet. Faster Game. A revolution of your game.
  • Flexible Chassis: New softer combination of frame construction and foam for better comfort and a larger sweet spot.
  • Chip: A new drilling pattern utilising different hole sizes that work in combination with the C-Ring bringing a bigger sweet spot (more comfort and control) and higher stiffness on impact (more power).
  • C:Ring: An elastomer placed around the frame, located between the frame and foam, form a unique interaction that provides more comfort and larger sweet spot.